Get Ready to Attract More Money and Abundance Into Your Life!

A lot of people think since I've published 16 books and run a successful YouTube channel (with more than 40 million views), that I must live a charmed life.

Well, these days it is pretty charming. But it wasn't always that way. Far from it.

In fact, for the first 40 years of my life, I struggled with money and prosperity -- always just scraping by to pay the bills and keep my car running.

I read all the books and consumed all the podcasts and videos. And I took a lot of action. I was doing all the right "things" -- but something was still missing.

Then I finally figured it out.

In his book Atomic Habits, James Clear writes about three types of behavior change: Outcome-based, Process-based, and Identity-based.

I had the first two down. I set money goals, so I knew what outcome I wanted (more money). And I activated my process by taking consistent action.

The missing piece was IDENTITY.

With all the goal-setting and doing I was engaged in, I overlooked the most important change of all: BEING someone who had the confidence and belief that I could attract and earn more money.

That was the main thing holding me back!

Once I started doing the inner work of upgrading my self-identity, things changed for the better. I steadily moved from surviving to thriving!

I created this program to help YOU experience that transformation a lot quicker than I did. You don't have to wait 40 years to figure it out!

What you get with

this 30-day course

30 printable daily abundance journal pages

A daily audio pep talk from Bob

A powerful affirmation of the day

Five inspirational videos to keep you on track

Bonus resources to keep you rocking for months and years to come!

Lifetime Access! Start the course when you are ready, and return to it as often as you like

One Payment (no recurring charges)

A new, like-changing relationship with money! (Priceless)

How the "30 Days to Manifesting More Money and Abundance" course works

Every morning, you'll listen to that day's audio message, which discusses the abundance affirmation of the day and how to apply it.

Next, you'll fill out the two morning journal prompts, which will lay a powerful foundation for your day.

You can accomplish all of these morning activities in under 10 minutes.

Then move through your day with a new attitude, keeping your radar up for signs of abundance all around you.

At night right before bed, fill out the two evening journal prompts and repeat that day's affirmation.

Doing this consistently for a full month will upgrade your identity and lead to amazing results!

Get all of this for $197.00 - Introductory rate of only $97 USD.

Take 30 full days to decide if this course is right for you

Enroll in the course, then immerse yourself in it for a full month. If you're not happy, for any reason, let me know and you'll get 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

Order this week and get these bonuses!

Interview: How Anthony Used Affirmations to Build a Million Dollar Business

The Secret to Instant Manifestation (Get What You Want Fast)

The Many Ways Money Can Come to You (with worksheets)



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