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30 Days to Vibrant Health, Wellness, and Weight Loss

Join Bob Baker and Pooki Lee on a 30-day, self-guided journey to focus on your health and well-being.

Like many people these days, we have neglected our health - what we eat, how we move our bodies, getting enough sleep, reducing stress, etc.

We've read the books, watched the videos, and attended the workshops. But do we put what we know into practice?

Sometimes. But not often enough to make a significant difference.

That's why we're on a journey to improve our daily habits and lifestyle to support a long, healthy life. The ultimate goal is to live longer, increase energy, improve flexibility, feel good in our clothes, and shine our light more brightly every day.

We recently led a small group of people through a 30-day program to improve our health and lose weight. The feedback from participants was off the charts. So we decided to turn the program into a 30-day course that anyone could take at their own pace - and make it affordable at the same time.

This is that course, and we'd love for you to join us on this 30-day adventure.

UPDATE: Bob has lost 17 pounds over the past couple of months and is feeling better than he has in years. Pooki has improved her diet and is feeling great too. Those are just some of the reasons we're so excited to take you on this journey with us!

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Here’s what you get with this 30-day program:

A quick-start guide to get you off and running

A curated list of affirmation and upbeat movement recordings specifically chosen for this program

A 30-Day Health and Wellness Journal with affirmations and prompts for morning and night

Simple suggestions on a range of healthy foods to eat

Lifetime access to the "Turbo-Charge Your Life" private Facebook group, where you can meet and interact with us and other like-minded participants

Bonus audio interviews and Zoom call recordings

You can use this program any way you want, but we will encourage you to focus on these eight key areas:

- Nutrition (eating the right foods)

- Activity (moving your body more)

- Mindset (making sure your thoughts are aligned with your health goals)

- Hydration (drinking enough water)

- Sleep (getting sufficient shut-eye)

- Breath (filling your lungs with oxygen)

- Social (connecting with other humans)

- Stress (relaxing more)

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NOTE: This program won't come with a meal plan or exercise routines. But we will encourage you to move your body on a daily basis, cut back on processed foods, and lean toward eating a whole-food, plant-based diet (even if you are a carnivore).

Like us, we're sure you know what you should be doing. You just haven't been doing it. Here's your opportunity to develop new habits - and do it with a collection of tools designed to make healthy living your new normal!

DISCLAIMER: We are not doctors or health experts. We're just two people who want to improve our own healthy habits and bring our YouTube and podcast family along for the ride. We'll share what is working for us, but you have to choose what works best for you.

IMPORTANT: What we cover and discuss during this program should not be considered medical advice. And, before you embark on a new diet or exercise program, please consult with a trusted healthcare professional.

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Don't Delay - Register Now!

People who enjoyed the original 30-day health program paid $97.00 each.

But you can gain access to all the tools in this online, self-guided course version for only $77.00 USD.

SPECIAL OFFER: For a limited time, register for only $27 USD!

When you register, you’ll get immediate access to the entire program and can start right away. Or, register now and wait for a time when you are ready to start this 30-day health and weight-loss journey. It's totally up to you!

We look forward to helping you look and feel better soon!

-Bob Baker and Pooki Lee

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Take an entire month to go through the whole program and decide if it's inspiring you to improve your health. If you're not happy, for any reason, let us know and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.



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