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Lift your spirits with these powerful messages!

Sometimes, you need more than affirmations to lift you up when you need a boost of encouragement.

Sometimes, it helps to hear empowering words from a trusted friend.

Let us be those voices for you.

Enjoy this special collection of 8 MP3 audio files and 4 pages of printable affirmations and quotes for your personal use.

These are not Bob's typical affirmation recordings. They're more like intimate conversations with a supportive friend or mentor.

You'll have Bob Baker and Pooki Lee at your fingertips whenever you need a friendly voice to encourage you, raise your vibration, and lift your spirits.

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The audio recordings include:

The Unstoppable Force That Propels Your Destiny (Bob)

The Secret to Instant Manifestation! (Bob)

Let Your Light Shine Bright (Pooki)

Give Yourself Permission to Live a Big Life (Bob)

Words of Encouragement When You’re Feeling Down (Bob)

Start Your Day Meditation (Pooki)

Morning Pep Talk from a Friend (Bob)

You Are Confident and Successful Motivation (Bob)

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Plus you'll get these inspiring printables!

Four pages of inspirational quotes and affirmations. Post them where you'll see them -- and say them out loud every day!

All of this for the magical number of $11.11 USD -- or more if you so choose :)

Take 14 Days to Decide!

If you're not happy with this inspiring collection, for any reason, let us know within two weeks and we'll refund your money!

The encouragement you need awaits you. Go ahead and place your order today!




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